Maurice PROST

Bronze with nuanced brown patina, signed « M.Prost »
Sand cast edited by the artist, bears the cobra stamp numbered 1
Height: 16,92″ (
43 cm) x Width: 22,83″ (58 cm) x Depth: 5,11 (13 cm)
Circa 1935

Provenance: Artist’s family

Max. about ten copies

1939 Exhibition Atelier de la Tombe-Issoire, n°19
1999 Exhibition at Concorde Art International reproduced page 20 of catalogue
2007 Exhibition Musée Robert Dubois Corneau, Brunoy 91 reproduced on catalogue page 51

A first bronze example was lost-wax cast by Valsuani around 1932, stamped « Valsuani- Cire perdue » and signed M.PROST in the terrace.

Around 1935, Prost himself produced the other examples, a few dozen, which he numbered in his stamp inlaid on the terrace, with his signature in a cartouche. No founder’s mark. copy stamped MP n°1

Provenance: Maurice Prost family collection.

A certificate was issued on June 16, 1999.