Antique dealer and expert specialized in sculptures of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, has grown within pieces of art, and this is since his youngest age that he becomes passionnate about french bronzes from last centuries.

The works of the renowned sculptors as Barye, Belmondo, Bugatti, Carpeaux, Dalou, Godchaux, Guyot, Mène, Pompon or Sandoz are displayed in his gallery. Exceptional bronzes with nuanced patinas and stamped by prestigious art casters as Barbedienne, Hebrard, Rudier, Siot Decauville, Susse, Valsuani etc...

Choosed by care and Nicolas Bourriaud’s attentive look, each piece has all of the greatness of the french sculpture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Nicolas Bourriaud is a member of the Chambre Nationale des Experts spécialisés en objets d’art et de collection ( National House of Experts Specialized in art and collection objects), located 16, rue de la Grange Batelière in Paris 9th, and too as a member of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (National Trade Union of the Antique Dealers), located 17, boulevard Malesherbes in Paris 8th.

Fortchoming Events

La Biennale Paris

13th September to 17th September 2019

Annual since 2017, its visibility is rising. Equipped with a Biennale Committee, presided by Christopher Forbes, as well as the independent Vetting Commission (CAO), one of the most exigent in the world, it guarantees not only the selection of the participating galleries but also the highest level of authenticity, trust and transparency for the collectors. Great ephemeral museum, La Biennale Paris celebrates its 31th edition from September 13th to 17th 2019 with the Gala Dinner on September 11th and the Private Opening on September 12th.


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