Albéric COLLIN

Bronze with rich brown patina, signed ‘Albéric Collin’.
Claude Valsuani cast, bears the founder’s stamp.

Heigth: 4,7″ (12 cm) Length: 16,1″(41 cm) Depth: 12,9″ (33 cm)

Circa 1925

Only bronze example known to this day.

Provenance: formerly from the Farman Family’s collection, Loiret, France
Related literature: E. Horswell, Sculpture of Les animaliers 1900-1950, Londres, 2019, p. 80 to 83; J-C. Hachet,Dictionnaire illustré des sculpteurs animaliers & fondeurs de l’Antiquité à nos jours, Espagne, 2005, volume 1, p. 266 and 267.


Albéric Collin gives us a very naturalistic version of his hare, and yet most original in that it is seldom represented in an extended position with its hind legs stretched out behind. The surfaces are treated in a smooth manner with small flat areas. Details were simplified so as to lead the viewer to concentrate on the impression of ease and rest emanating from the animal. Bugatti’s lessons to Collin can clearly be seen throughout this which aims at seeing the animal for itself while seeking to reflect its character, personality or feelings. The serenity, calm and gentleness of this Hare lying down are outstandingly rendered and magnified by the fine patina work. To the quality of this sculpture  is added a prestigious provenance as it was purchased by the Farman family, a pioneer in the aviation field, thanks to the brothers Henri and Maurice Farman. It then always remained in the family.