Rembrandt BUGATTI


Son of the famous Italian furniture designer, Carlo Bugatti, and brother of the car manufacturer, Ettore Bugatti, Rembrandt Bugatti is an Italian sculptor best known for his exotic animals bronze sculptures. The eminent sculptor, Prince Paolo Troubetskoy encouraged him to use modeling clay. In 1902, he moved to Paris with his family and three years later, entered into a contract with the founder Hebrard to edit his bronze artworks. Rembrandt Bugatti’s pieces have been moulded by hours and hours spent observing and studying animals in European menageries, especially in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris and the zoo of Antwerp. Deeply attached to the animals, he was even allowed the right to feed them and take care of them.

His bestiary is wide-ranging: mammals, birds, reptiles, and often species that no other artist had yet represented. Among the birds, he became particularly interested in waders, such as cranes, storks, pink flamingos, marabous, saddle-billed storks and also birds of prey such as condors, secretary birds, pelicans, ostriches, cassowaries…